hysterics' net art obsession


well wow i haven't updated the site since forever ago. or like a little over a week same thing

quite a bit has happened as lots of things happen when you don't have time to do other things. because things are happening you know how it works

first of all i just need to say that i killed myself so thats why its been hard to post. i've been really busy concerning myself with how to just get ahold of a fucking internet connection in purgatory. i guess this christianity shit was real after all guys you should take this experience of mine to heart and repent for your sins and other things like that i guess. you can tell i'll be here a while i don't actually get what i did to end up here i suppose

well in reality i've just been catching up with everyone i didn't see while i was colorado and that's been enjoyable for sure. that and i've been really busy thinking about rearranging all the crap in the living room into my room. reaaaaally busy. it'd probably help to have a closet

i didn't end up going to saint louis because of a snafu with the rental agency that left us without a van. i wasn't about to smash myself into a vehicle with just enough room for all its passengers for what is at least a 12 hour ride if not 14. i elected to stay home with the dog for the weekend but ended up getting my brother instead which was unexpected and nice actually

i did more draining in the same drains i went to on the 13th of last month. i guess i'll post some of the photos as the tunnels are now finished so there was a bit more to see

hopefully i'll get a call about going out to one of the many disasters that have taken place recently very soon. my availability opened back up today. maybe tomorrow?

also fuck seriously federal government get it together i need a call back from americorps already shit

they don't call you until the week before its time to go anyway but i like complaining