hysterics' net art obsession

below is a list of the source files for my favorite chiptunes. occasionally an artist will either track in a program whose files cannot be played back or doesn't release their source files in which case i have included a stream of the song instead. alternate text on the links will provide a suggestion as to what to play them in if you're not sure

"cydonian sky" -- dubmood

"acidjazzed evening" -- tempest

"into the zone" -- howard drossin

"the bus that couldn't slow down" -- j arthur keenes

"sitges savepoint" -- random

"reformat the planet" -- bit shifter

"preschtale part 2" -- c-jeff

"can't stop us" -- chipzel

"orbitalfrontaldistal" -- exilefaker

"disco band" -- inkoddi

"theme to cave story" -- pixel

"ice cap zone 1" -- brad buxer

at some point, i'll get around to learning the ins and outs of a tracker and list my own source files below

at some point