hysterics' net art obsession


i've been updating less frequently these days. that's for a good reason, though - i'm doing interesting things less frequently these days

sad i know but i think i'm out of my funk. i was pretty much just sleeping 16 hours a day and staying up doing nothing or drinking coffee at night. not that i didn't do that a lot before i left for colorado but that is way less fun than it was before i actually did something real with my life. its actually very depressing and i can't really bring myself to enjoy it like i used to. i had a good run with it and it was exactly what i needed for quite some time but i'm moving on now

speaking of moving on i think i'm pretty sure i'm gonna do the jack kerouac thing and drift across the country after i do americorps. and then europe. preferably on a motorcycle. there isn't anything else to that thought that i would care to elaborate on. just felt like stating it

i wanted to post my rip of my dvd transfer of my bootlegged vhs copy of decline of western civilization pt 1 on tpb but the site is incredibly shitty and always has been so i said fuck it after half an hour of trying. instead i'm hosting it on mediafire because its hardly anyone's ip anymore. you can view it here

i've been playing pokemon blue version in competition with my brother who is playing my red

this game doesn't measure up at all to my nostalgic memories of it