hysterics' net art obsession


so i've added quite a bit to net art and i think it turned out well. obviously i'm not the snooty ultimate source of what is and isn't quailty or even net art at all but i don't care i'll post what i please and you can complain to my inbox

its not as if i hadn't heard of him before but i actually started reading a bit about t e lawrence and he sounds like one of the most admirable men to live or write. i obsess over quite a bit for short periods of time but i usually never really identify with the people i obsess over the way i do him. i just bought his book and i'm going to read the shit out of it

reconfigure thought he broke his site but in reality he had the 18+ filter on because he thinks talking about drugs is too adult for people or something. he couldn't see his site listed on the neocities serach engine. silly

i've decided to get a tattoo at every disaster site i work for an extended period of time. i got my black flag bars next to the burning kid from bad religion's suffer. it's pretty good. bigger than i originally wanted but its pretty kickin. drains the pocketbook though and i don't have much money to begin with. i'm certainly not making any

government is still shut down to my knowledge so americorps hasn't called

and they shot a woman who was driving wrecklessly to death. of course she was unarmed and had children in the car. of course they didn't use the dozens of car incapacitating devices and techniques that exist

glad capitol hill police would rather murder than enforce law