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so i'm going to start updating more often again. i'm only a little sorry i stopped for a while. you know i really only post things when i have things to say and i only have things to say when i'm busy. i haven't been busy up until yesterday but i was too tired to write anything last night so here i am

i got called out by the red cross again finally. it took quite a bit longer than i would have preferred, but it happened so i'm not complaining. there were flash floods in austin that were pretty bad. the water didn't stay up long but it got high enough that people had to be airlifted off their roofs so i'd say it was bad for sure. i picked up a rental car in dallas yesterday and brought the paramedic chick i was working with in colorado down here from where she lives in dallas. about a four hour drive and the car was nice so no complaints about the journey here. hurry up and wait at the hq until i went to my hotel to unpack left to eat with the paramedic chick and have come back to make this page and then sleep

i have a roomate but i haven't met him yet. he's not here and its like 11:00 at night so i really hope he doesn't come in too late too loudly and wake me up

i have other things on my mind as well. i'll talk about them another time but you sort of know me by now so you know they're stupid