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i updated some lists. i'll be posting photos of more draining adventures including one of the largest series of tunnels in dallas though i will have more impressive ones a bit later on after i take another trip there. i also fixed some formatting stuff so if you're a nitpicker you'll find past posts will have faulty formatting but nothing else will. except maybe the way i use meta tags. get over it

i'm currently obsessing over an album i got years ago and tried to sell. so i'm just going to say upfront that while people often will make fun of you for liking the powerpuff girls they are stupid and you should cease associating with them. sometimes i wish i could use commas. i really warp the meaning of sentences when i don't use them but refuse to rephrase. anyway there was a compilation album done for the show or movie i don't know around 2000 that had a bunch of coolass artists mostly inde but some bigger ones like devo and frank black. frank black's track is incredible and i've just been looping it on and on and on. luckily my folks kept the cd instead of selling it so i'll be getting it from them when we 'celebrate christmas.'

speaking of christmas i'll be celebrating yule this year. i suppose its not fundamentally a change considering christmas is just yule but we pretend its christian blah blah blah. anyway the reason for the change is that i'm taking up a religion for the first time in probably eight years. asatru. norse reconstructive paganism. neopaganism. polytheism. religion. silly supersitions. except silly superstitions i can get behind and actually make a bit more sense than most. it seems to jibe fairly well with some of the more interesting theories of current theoretical physics. maybe i'll go into depth about that another time because it would really take a whole post to make sense of that claim

there's so so so much reading of ancient texts to be done to understand the myths in this religion

what am i getting into kill me now