hysterics' net art obsession


the site seems to be coming along alright. i'll be uploading my own stylesheet soon so that eventually the site will be completely of my own doing/coding/whatever/design. i think design is likely the best term for whatever this is with whatever being a close runner up. i know the net art is still blank and the chiptune has only one song but it's being worked on

today is a day most u.s. americans will never forget. i'll tell you what i won't forget about it is kevin cosgrove's 911 call. i'm completely serious when i say that i cry every time

i like how i talk to nobody here. i should really just be saying things without phrasing it as if i'm speaking to someone

i lied, i don't actually like that at all

i had jury duty yesterday and got picked for a panel. of course it was a possession of marijuana charge and of course he admitted to it so of course i had to find the poor guy guilty. hate to pass the blame but you willingly accept the risk that you'll be caught with an illicit substance when you walk out the door with an illicit substance. one of the defense attorneys was also a student and was visibly nervous as she was stuttering and tripping over her words. cute in an extremely strange way maybe because she was so small or lacked a presence of power or that she was likely around my age and not unattractive. or all of those reasons. but it wasn't her fault we found him guilty, it was his for obvious reasons. still was a sad situation overall

have a somber 9.11. eat ice cream and chocolate and cry like you only have since the last anniversary of recent mass murder or when your former significant other won full custody rights