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i haven't updated the site for a bit not because of neglect but because i've been incredibly tired. a lot has happened recently. mostly a hiking and draining outing (photos of which i will post sometime within the next week) and flying out last minute with the red cross to colorado to assist in health upkeep of refugees in shelters. they say to call them clients and i will but not here because its weird and i don't feel like we're a business

so far i've seen little evidence of flooding but obviously it has

i'm sorry i'm just too tired to do this right now. i found out at 10:30 am yesterday that i was needed and i left at 7:30 am today with only a few hours of sleep. its been great but i have to be unconscious for a while so i can actually give you something interesting tomorrow. maybe a recounting of the past couple days

poor attempt at wit and just generally a rude statement

non sequitur