hysterics' net art obsession


ive updated the urban exploration page. i may do some hiking while i'm here in colorado but don't expect any draining for at least a month. its not in the format that i had set up for the first draining page and won't change to that format (which i prefer) until i get some real free time and not just a bit before and while i should be sleeping. imgur doesn't really have options for making it look the way i want it to but i like their organization options more

the first day on the job went well. we didn't have all the supplies we should so i called the local walgreen's and they donated it to us. greeley isn't exciting but its beautiful and the people who were displaced really need us so what can i do. it'd be selfish to try to go to a place more torn up because there's already people there helping and these people need me. i'm enjoying it so who cares

i know i should have more to say but i have to sleep now