hysterics' net art obsession


yesterday after our shift at the greeley shelter warren and i left back to loveland to eat and shack back up at our hotel. we ate and the food was pretty good. we went back to the hotel to be greeted by a distraught hotel manager.

'you weren't told that you aren't here anymore?'


we picked our stuff up from behind the desk and called the staffing hotline (as it was 10 pm and our manager was no longer at hq) and made a point to sound annoyed. i mean we were but you know you have to just make sure your emotions are understood by taking up the tone that an overly emotional person would usually use in that situation. in this situation it was terseness mostly but i can't think of what the other ingredients are to that emotion off-hand

went to walmart and bought stuff that we'd either lost already (not from the hotel but from lack of being careful with where we put our belongings on the job) or hadn't packed. electronic stuff. then we went to the staff shelter not too far away and slept which was surprisingly painless once i had my cot set up

now that we've been reassigned to graveyard shifts at the ft. collins shelter i'm free during the day as i'll be sleeping during the shift and be woken up when i'm needed. that pretty much gives me free reign to do whatever during the day until about five when we need to eat dinner

this is pretty exciting. yesterday i called the local walmart and got about $200 worth of diabetes supplies and a few otc meds for free for the clinic. people around here are really great

if you can you should come and help

otherwise stay safe