hysterics' net art obsession


colorado is gorgeous. i don't know if i've said that before but it really is. you can go out any time of day or night and its the absolute perfect temperature and here in ft collins you have a beautiful mountain in the background of everything you do half the time. i drive with the windows down all the time and everyone else does too. i'm seriously considering moving to denver at some point

i've figured out that in order to do the most good at a shelter as a health service worker is to go outside and smoke with people. i know marijuana is legal here but i don't much care for the way it makes me feel. i mean lighting up a cigarette and getting people to tell you what's going on in their lives. sometimes they start crying but then they at least trust you and have someone to vent to. they usually end up admitting some health concern they have after the conversation wraps up and you can actually treat them for something they may have let get really bad if you hadn't forced yourself into their business. i'm kind of worked up about it and it almost brings me to tears to think of all the people that are too stressed out or untrusting to be treated. i'm really glad i'm here figuring these things out

i've decided that i want to join femacorps which is a part of of americorps that basically puts you on the ground level of fema. i think its a better fit than navy corpsman. not only do i get to work for the government agency i think i want to work for as a career but you're basically in the peacecorps really helping communities recover from devastation

someone mistook me for a walmart employee while i was out buying a three ring three inch binder for health records

good to know ems polo, pants, boots and red cross vest looks like retail worker