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not much has happened since i last updated. last night was pretty dull compared to the previous one. i've made fairly good friends with the two night shelter managers at the shelter i was at but now i'm not scheduled there anymore so oh well

still very slowly writing my femacorps application. i've been a bit busy to get too into it but hopefully i'll get a handle on it soon considering how i don't know when the deadline is. its not too hard really all you have to do is write around 3000 characters as to what has inspired you to join americorps

i called my activity manager just a bit ago. i was informed about the different shelter thing tonight (its not that far away) got all of tomorrow off and then report in on wednesday to see about getting on an emergency response vehicle to go out to the flood affected communities and make sure people are okay and that they have masks n stuff. pretty excited. i think i'm gonna take a hike tomorrow and bring my camera. i'll post the photos under urban exploration

i'm gonna go eat chinese food now

by myself