hysterics' net art obsession


i realize that i haven't been terribly entertaining in my posts lately. i'm just glad you're still reading them despite that. once my schedule is less hectic or i get reeeally used to it i may go back to my dark and happy demeanor

i didn't take that hike yesterday like i said i would. i slept until four and then went and had dinner. that chinese i said i would eat yesterday but didn't. it was pretty bitchin. then i went and had a latte at the local 24 hour coffee shop like i normally would at home but nobody talked to me and i was feeling too awkward to talk to anyone myself so that was nice. at least the coffee was alright. i guess i'll try again sometime and insert myself into a table or something. or get someone from the internet to hang out with me who knows

tomorrow i'm going to hq to see about doing community outreach on a bulk distribution truck. treat minor wounds n ask people if they lost med stuff and see about replacing it. should be fun

okay i'm gonna go pee now goodnight

it was good typing at you