hysterics' net art obsession


today was nice. i started the "community outreach" but it was not what we were expecting and we pretty much just went to a shelter and did casework which isn't outreach its just what we normally do in the health serivies. tomorrow i'm going to an emergency aid station in the flood affected areas to treat minor wounds n stuff which is what i wanted to do originally

i made a friend i think. there was a caseworker that was new and not over sixty years old so i said fuck it i'm asking her to hang out with me so i did and we almost did but she was understandably tired and thought we were in the same hotel but we aren't so you know we'll hang tomorrow

someone slipped on the tile outside the pool room and got a concussion. she bled on the floor and had to be picked up by paramedics. i just told people what was happening because you know i wasn't working and you're not allowed to do anything if you're not working. she probably hurt her neck. bad way to end a vacation

i ate what was left of that chinese tonight again

alone again