hysterics' net art obsession


i didn't update yesterday because i was more tired than i've been in ages last night. after a day of real community outreach driving supplies and water around asking people if they need any of it or their medication replaced (most of which refused as the people around here are much too proud to take free help) i went and ate with the girl i met wednesday and her group of americorps friends who are aslo caseworkers. one of them was super cool and talked to me about socialism and why conservatives are arseholes when the two of us took a smoke break. then they and their senior citizen mentors got wasted which was hilarious and we all parted after which i fell asleep immediately

today i did a bunch of paperwork at hq "so [i] know how to do it." yeah okay well hopefully i never have to do that again because it was the most miserably boring thing i've done since i've got here

the girl and her friends were in boulder today to get an iphone repaired so they were much too far away to eat with tonight. i went to choice city butcher & deli in oldtown ft collins on my own and it was great. the best food i've had in colorado so far and probably some of the best i've ever had. also the waitress was nice so that was good too. i'll be going back. really made the night

i finished my femacorps application finally. i just need to put some references in the system tomorrow when people are awake to talk to about being references and i'll be done. not a moment too soon either as the cutoff date for applications is the first of next month

i added something terrible (anorexic-bulemic rec room) to the net art page

its more net history but probably more art than this website is