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the longer i've been here the more i love what i'm doing. that was something i wasn't entirely sure about. i thought initially okay yeah i like this but how long can i stand it? will i get tired of it quickly? or at all? but now i'm realizing none of that factors in at all. i'm enjoying my day to day so much that i think i could stay here as long as i'm needed in the field. i'll leave when it becomes more paperwork though. screw that stuff

i may actually be here a while. that whole government shutdown thing could possibly shut down fema though biden says it won't. but who knows you can't trust a politician to tell you the truth about whether or not the sun is fucking shining so i'll believe it if i see it. if fema shuts down then we'll be the largest force of financial assistance out here which would plant us here for quite some time more

i've been working with another emt for the past couple days. he's super cool. a retired software engineer. we've been talking about all sorts of geek stuff i guess but he says coding isn't in his life anymore. he wants to forget it though i can tell he enjoys talking about it anyway

i went out to dinner at a very nice steakhouse with the americorps chicks and met some americorps dudes there too. it was a great night everybody was super cool. i really feel like i have friends here now and we get to go out and enjoy ourselves in the places people our age usually do which is a fantastic departure from the culture-dead dallas

i wish people would just either vote for someone who isn't a twat or not vote at all. stop voting for the 'lesser evil'

fuck the government seriously