hysterics' net art obsession


and then the site worked and everyone that wasn't actually watching hysterics despite the fact that he wished they were was thoroughly impressed that he even remembered enough about html to get something this simple to work. their doubt could only have been more painful a strike to his ego if there were actually any people at all that knew he had made a neocities. in fact, he wasn't entirely sure he had. it was sort of like a dream. a spur of the moment decision that somehow lasted all night. he had work later on today and didn't have enough time to sleep considering the people he was required to interact with until that time. he also needed to learn to use punctuation better, but his right ring finger was feeling weak that day and he used it as another of a long line of excuses he'd collected over the years to continue typing like a twat. you could even check the page source and see that he hadn't capitalized anything there either. not that you probably should usually, but there are instances in which its okay, i suppose

do you like how i switched from third to first person in the same paragraph?

i don't. it annoys the piss out of me